JNE Builder have vast array of services to offer the public. We do new construction for entire house from dirt to finish and additions and remodeling of entire house. Our focus is for residential and will be transitioning to include business establishment in the future.

We have dedicated employees to do Basement remodel, Bathroom remodel, Kitchen remodel, Garage remodel, Earthquake Protection-Retrofit, Electrical for home addition or remodel- Install, Major Home Repairs (General Contractor), Major renovation- Multiple Rooms, Plumbing for Home Addition or Remodel- Install, Remodel to Accommodate a Disability, Addition to existing structure- Build, Closet- build, Garage- Build, Outdoor Kitchen- Build, Steel Beam (Structural)- Install, Yurt- Build, etc.

Board of Directors

Jerwin Escobedo



Kharen Escobedo

Kharen C Escobedo

Co-Owner / safety Manager


Jerwin Escobedo, owner and founder of JNE Builder received his BS Civil Engineering in Saint Louis University, Philippines.


Pass the Licensure Examination for Civil Engineer, Geodetic Engineer, Master Plumber, and Materials Engineer.

Owner worked as Civil Engineer for the $900M Ghazlan Steam Turbine Power Plant in Saudi Arabia.

1999 - 2003

Practicing Civil Engineer worked for 99 projects comprises of Two-Story Residential Houses, Low rise residential, Church, Grocery Stores, Piggery Farm, Poultry Farm Houses, Row Houses Inn, and Salt Refinery.

Owner worked as Senior Civil Inspector in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Egypt, and Kuwait.

2003 - 2010

Owner migrated to the US.

Owner worked as Quality Engineer for California and Kansas.

2012 - 2014
2015 - 2018

Owner worked as Quality Manager and Lead Quality Auditor for projects in Colorado, California, Maryland, and Louisiana.

California State License Board (CSLB) grant License for JNE Builder.


First project in the City of Long Beach.